Tips for Cleaning Your Ears Safely

Importance of cleaning the ear

Our ears are an important part of our daily life as they are also making a part of our sensory organs. It is necessary to take care of our ears. Our ear curtains and lining are very delicate, and it’s recommended to not harm them with any external element or particles. The most ignored and unaware part of the ear is “ear wax.” The facts, as well as the myths related to the wax in-ears, are plenty.

Besides, the available portion of the ear for cleaning is only this wax, which we can avoid to accumulate or block our ears. But it’s even necessary not to overlook the fact that this wax is helpful and natural part of the ear to clean, lubricate and protect the ear opening by trapping dust/ dirt and reducing the growth of bacteria. Often people try to dig out the wax with the help of any available items which is not good or place swaps of cotton, which pushes the wax more inside the ear.

All these half-knowledge cleaning techniques can cause severe issues to the ear canal. It’s important to understand the role of ear wax and only carry out cleaning in proper ways and proper proportions.

Below are tips for cleaning ears safely

i) Use a damp cloth to clean the area around and outside the ear canal to avoid pushing the wax inside by placing a cotton swab over ear opening.

ii) Soften the hardened wax with the help of mineral oil, glycerin, peroxide, etc. Putting a few drops of these can help to soften the wax, and the excess wax automatically gets isolated and falls off, helpful when the wax has become hard and have blocked your ear. To avoid digging out the wax with any material its recommended to use such eardrops.

iii) Irrigating the ear with warm water can be beneficial to dislodge earwax, usually done with the help of a soft rubber bulb made for ear cleaning and warm water. By squeezing the ear bulb in-ear while keeping the head tilted can help the ear wax to fall off the ear.

iv) Clean your earwax with the help of baking soda or hydrogen peroxide once or thrice in 14 days depending upon the earwax clear up.

v) Even though the earwax clean up is most important, keeping the outer and area around the ear canal clean should also be implanted. It’s important to clean the area behind the ear, inner part of the ear, and spaces of the ear with warm water every day.

If you feel any pain while removing ear wax or develop any boils in or around areas, it is recommended to approach specialists and get the ear cleaned up by professional.