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How to Eat Smartly To Have Everlasting Teeth Whiteness

Eating for having a pearly white smile? Yes, you heard it right. Oral health care is not all about brushing your teeth twice like a goody two shoes and then eating unhealthy food like a glutton. What you eat that reflects not only on your skin but also on your teeth colour. Eating smartly can save you the trouble for undergoing expensive teeth whitening procedures in cosmetic dentistry. You just have to eat food correctly without compromising on your taste.

Eating raw vegetables

  • You can use homemade teeth whiteners: Homemade teeth whiteners are a great substitute for teeth whitening toothpaste if you prefer natural remedies. You can rub baking soda on your teeth to make them whiter. However it shouldn’t be done more than once a week. If your teeth are not sensitive then applying lemon juice to the teeth and washing it off as soon as you start to feel sensation can also be a teeth whitening solution.
  • Eating raw vegetables after meals can improve oral health: Having a pearly white smile is the dream of every person. But that smile can only be achieved if your teeth remain clean without any slightest presence of plaque. Instead of soft items, you should prefer to eat raw vegetables like sea cucumber, carrots and cabbage because these food items are very helpful in keeping the teeth surface clean. Being teeth wise is not about spending hundreds of dollars on cosmetic dentistry; it’s about doing oral care smartly.
  • Ditch food items that cause staining of your teeth: Stained teeth look too bad and you feel like getting your teeth bleached. If stained teeth are a major problem for you even after you take proper care of your oral hygiene, then you must understand that the main problem lies with your diet. A close self scrutiny of your diet will reveal the major food culprits which cause the staining problem. It could be the beetroot juice, cocoa drink, chocolates and curry with turmeric etc. So, you must avoid these items if you truly crave for a mesmerizing smile. Also, if you really feel like having these things, then go for a juicy variation and drink with straw.
  • Don’t eat food with temperature extremities: So many people belonging to all age groups complain of teeth sensitivity. Do you know the reason for it? If you are not negligent about oral health, then the sensitivity problem may be arising from your frequent consumption of very hot of very cold food. A sweetened ice bar seems harmless but it can cause teeth sensitivity if you bite into the ice bar instead of licking it slowly. Same logic goes with the consumption of very hot soups. You should eat your meals which have been brought to moderate room temperatures.