Should Older Men Take Testosterone Supplements?

With an increase in age, testosterone levels in men are reduced. Reduction in the levels of testosterone leads to reduced sexual drive, anemia, and bone breaks. In the past few years, older men tend to take testosterone supplements. Testosterone supplements are said to aid in increasing muscle mass and an increase in muscle strength. Some men have more testosterone decrease as compared to another male.

A study conducted on 237 men found that the use of testosterone supplements saw some excellent results. But, it was not accompanied by adequate levels of muscle strength. One of the most significant benefits of testosterone supplements was that it led to muscle mass increase and decrease fat mass. The biggest downside of these supplements was that men who took oral testosterone supplements had lower HDL cholesterol levels. This also made them susceptible to develop some of the metabolic syndromes.

But these supplements in no way led to an improvement in cognitive function and increase in bone mineral density. Six months of the study found that there was not too much improvement in older men’s physical and mental health after oral consumption of testosterone supplements.

Different trials were conducted on older men who consumed testosterone supplements. Some of the major trials include cardiovascular trial, cognitive function trial, Bone trial, anemia trial, and sexual function trial. Overall, it can be said that testosterone supplements in older men with low testosterone levels offer some levels of benefit. But testosterone supplements and testosterone treatment can also entail risks. The exact tradeoff between these is still unknown and confusing. A larger and longer duration of studies is needed to know the precise tradeoff.

One of the most significant issues associated with testosterone is that this hormone’s measurement is a bit tricky. One single value and result can’t be taken at face value. Even in healthy men, testosterone levels fluctuate throughout the day. Thus, healthy men can have normal testosterone levels in the morning and low testosterone levels in the evening.

If you are an older man and think of taking a testosterone supplement, you should ask your physician about the different benefits and risks associated with it. It can be a bad idea to start consuming a testosterone supplement without the consultation of a doctor. Just because the hormones occur naturally in the body does not mean that you can increase or decrease the level by consuming a few supplements. Your health is important and thus, always make sure to get a consultation and advice from a doctor before using any type of supplement.