Dietary Fibre and Weight Loss

The problem with many people who want to lose weight is that they do not have enough fibre in their diets. It is important to have plenty of fibre in one’s diet if a weight loss programme is going to be successful. Here are some things to see with this important nutrient.

Dietary fibre is a common type of complex carbohydrate that is not digested in the body. This is great because when something cannot be absorbed or digested it will not add calories to one’s diet.

It can be soluble, which means that it can dissolve in water, or it can be insoluble. This is something that can be found in plant foods and works to improve one’s digestive system.

Dietary fibre works first to improve the body’s digestion. It works in the stomach to clean the intestines. Soluble fibre will absorb water in the intestines while insoluble fibre will be broken down in the large bowel and handle natural bacteria in the area.

The fibre in the area will work to reduce the body’s digestion rate so food can be emptied from one’s stomach in a reasonable manner. This can help to keep a person feeling full for a longer period of time. In fact, fibre will take up more space in one’s stomach and therefore cause a person to feel full.

Also, constipation can be avoided when this is used. This comes from how fibre will improve the softness of the body’s stools. The increase in water absorption and the development of natural bacteria in the bowel will make this possible.

Various diseases that can get in the way of one’s weight loss regimen can also be prevented. Dietary fibre can be used to prevent various forms of cancer include bowel, colon, breast and prostate cancers. Heart disease and diabetes can also be prevented. Even hemorrhoids can be prevented. Research is being performed on all of these considerations but evidence has suggested that dietary fibre can work to reduce one’s likelihood of developing one of these conditions.

This nutrient can be found in a variety of different foods. It can be found in foods that have fewer calories or fats. It can even interfere with fats before they can be absorbed in the body.

It is best for a person to get 30g of dietary fibre a day with 6g of fibre per serving in one’s diet. However, most people in countries like Australia will not get this much on a daily basis. Therefore, it will help to consume more complex carbohydrates in one’s diet. Adding this gradually in one’s diet can help.

Whole fruits can be consumed over fruit juices in order to get more fibre. Whole-grain wheat products can work as well. Raw vegetables, beans, legumes over meat and cereal are good as well. It is best to never skip breakfast and to avoid processed foods as well. The best thing to do is to use a variety of these foods and processes to make sure that plenty of fibre can be found in one’s diet.

It should be noted that there are many dietary supplements on the market but phenQ can be very beneficial for one’s weight loss needs but it is best to focus on fresh foods over supplements if possible.